The Latest Cool Thing:


The Immortal Saga Book 3

This book is a bit of a departure for
the series, having a male protagonist
instead of female. All the ælven from
the first two books are here, though -
and I hope my readers will enjoy
Stephen as much as they liked Len
and Manda.
The Cool Thing Before That:



BookViewCafé has made a deal to
license audiobooks of its members'
work through  So far
nine of my titles are up, plus two of
the Far Western Civil War books
Listen to the free samples - the na-
rrator on
Pet Noir does a great job
with the voices.  

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Greetings! I'm a New Mexico native, writer, and sometimes musician, living in the mountains where I love gazing at the stars at night. I write science fiction, fantasy, mystery (as Patrice Greenwood) and historical fiction (as P.G. Nagle), along with whatever else takes my fancy. Welcome to my site, where I hope you'll find something to amuse, and perhaps even surprise you. 
                                                  —Pati Nagle